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Case Studies

Health care corporation’s IT Department on-boarded 15+
contractors to execute their crucial project in no time

Zinoit Staffing

Case Studies

The client’s in-house IT department wanted to hire a specific pool of Talent at a speed to upgrade an ERP solution they were using within a noticeably short TAT. Their project head advised taking help from an external IT staffing firm that specializes in recruiting ERP talent.

Zinoit, one of the best ERP recruiting agency was awarded the requirements.

  • 01. Strategy applied:

    Technology-focused recruiters were deployed along with a dedicated account manager who were available 24/7 owning to our RPO centers in US and India. With the help of in-house pool of talent, vendor network and exclusive job portals our team was able to source the talent which were then vet by our interview experts to further shortlist them.

  • 02. Zinoit’s

    Zinoit deployed a robust recruiting engine to accomplish customer requirements in short period of time. Our Team ensured that all required paperwork, background, and reference checks were completed in time to allow contractors start working for customer by the start date of the project.

  • 03. Results:

    The client received an exceptional quality of talent to execute their project.
    --> 50% of the recruitment cost was saved.
    --> Many contractors were later hired as an FTE of the client.